Junkyard Samba

In 2010 ensemblebash produced a book of drumming projects for primary school teachers with publishers A&C Black. Music Express is a lovely idea for a series of books; all the teachers who end up having to teach music but have no musical background will find everything they need in these books. More experienced teachers will find new ideas and inspiration. Fabulous.

As part of the project dedicated to working with everyday objects, we filmed a composition that Stephen Hiscock and I wrote for a BBC programme about 2,000 years ago called ‘What’s That Noise’.

As an aside, you might like to put yourself into the mindset of Stephen and myself as we registered the piece. Were we going to be Hiscock and Brannick, or Brannick and Hiscock? Knowing it was going to be read out sooner or later, there was only one answer…

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