Groups and Collaborations

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of some fabulous collaborations & projects – here’s a link to just a few of them….


I’ve been a member since the group was formed in 1992. ensemblebash has forged a reputation as one of the world’s most innovative and groundbreaking chamber ensembles. Using the music of West Africa as both core repertoire and a guiding spiritual influence, ensemblebash mixes contemporary classical, jazz and music theatre into unforgettable performances.


Casson and BrannickSue Casson & The Brannick Academy

Damn, I love doing cabaret, and I love working with the remarkable Sue Casson. We’ve been performing together, off and on, since about 1987. Two CDs have come out of this so far, performances in New York, the spiritual home of cabaret, and a whole lot of ridiculous songs and covers of American and English songs. Where else would you get Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto in the same song as Madness, Brief Encounter, Ghost Town and The Old Bizarre in Cairo? Nowhere, that’s where.

As a duo, we frolic and gambol under the watchful eye of the English Cabaret stable.


FourSight http://www.foursight.bizFourSight

Although we’ve been working together for about 6 years now, FourSight still feels like a new project to me. Everything about it feels fresh and exciting. The combination of percussion with violin and electric violin, clarinets and saxes and piano with keyboard is a really tasty smörgåsbord to throw in front of any composer with an adventurous appetite. The most recent project, Two Minute Tasters, is capturing a snapshot of contemporary music from across Britain in two minute bite-sized pieces.

Classic RhythmClassic Rhythm

The concert where no composer is safe. What started as an experiment to see what repertoire there was for flute, piano and percussion has turned into a remarkable show featuring a huge array of instruments, and frankly unexpected arrangements of orchestral scores alongside specially commissioned pieces. There are even jokes. It’s impossible to explain – go and see it for yourself. Or buy a CD. But that’s not the same as the live experience, is it?



Boy From Brazil

Still from Susie’s opera ‘The Boy from Brazil’. I’m the one on the left.

Susie Self
Remarkable. Just remarkable. That’s the only available word in the dictionary to describe honey-larynxed singer, composer, painter, actress and conductor Susie Self. We put together a show Man to (Wo)man a few years ago which ended with me trapped in a cage wearing high heels while Susie stalked around trying to whip me. Then last year she invited me to join her musical The Boy from Brazil about a Brazilian transvestite. Clearly Susie and I have gender issues that we’re trying to work out. We’ll get there eventually.

Other musicians that I’ve had the fortune of working with include virtuoso violinist Steve Bingham, brilliant contemporary pianist Ian Pace (check out his blog here), with whom I performed Stockhausen’s immense Kontakte, and several other musicians that I’ll add as I get round to updating this page.