I’ve been composing, off and on, for most of my performing career. Some pieces I’m really proud of, others I was happy to let slide under the carpet. While I don’t see myself as a front line composer, these pieces are worth a listen, I think. I’m especially pleased with the two children’s stories written for FourSight in which I’ve written almost none of the music.

  • Three Prince Songs – arranged for two marimbas. Written for the Brannick Benjafield duo and premièred at The Warehouse, London, in 2002
  • Out There, Nothing – for ensemblebash, written for two marimbas, vibes and drum kit, with a bit of tinkly stuff & cowbells. Recorded on Damba Moon in 2001
  • Ali, Bert and the Beast – a children’s entertainment, in the form of a story with music, based on the visit of a magical creature to a dull and colourless town. Through the creature’s interaction with Ali and Bert, the town is transformed into a town of rainbows. Written for ensemblebash and premièred at the Purcell Room, South Bank Centre London, in 1994.
  • Tread Softly – for crotales, struck handbells and bass guitar. Based on Yeats’ poem ‘He Wishes for the Stars of Heaven’ and first performed by ensemblebash at the Spitalfields Festival in 1995.
  • Aliens! The Untold Story – written for FourSight and toured extensively around primary schools in Newham. No-one knows that aliens invaded your town. Fortunately FourSight were on hand to befriend the miniature aliens and to scare away the baddies. This story is used as an opportunity to explain why we play music, and why it’s worth learning an instrument.
  • Dragons in the Land – also written for FourSight and toured with equal success with both teachers and pupils. There are dragons roaming the countryside and the villagers turn to FourSight to rescue them… is that wise? Each member of FourSight gets a chance to talk about his or her own instrument and to explain why it’s the best instrument in the world!
  • Music Medals pieces – as part of the pilot Music Medals syllabus for the Associated Board I wrote a number of pieces for beginner percussionists. I’ve put together a separate page for these and will post some examples as soon as possible.

I’ve written a number of songs for the cabaret duo Sue Casson and The Brannick Academy, all of which have had valuable fairy dust sprinkled on them by the lovely Sue. No matter how much work I’ve done, they’ve all been improved by her insight and instinct. They’ve mostly been recorded and are available directly from me – more information is available on my recordings page

  • (I want to be a) Pharaoh
  • The Barman
  • Tutankhamun
  • Egyptian Band
  • Gold
  • Greedy Fat Pig