Welcome to Hell Part 2: Death and Transfiguration

You might be familiar with C.S.Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles; you might indeed be sufficiently conversant with them to know the plot of the final book, The Last Battle. While I don’t find myself sympathising with its teleological* narrative, it is nonetheless … Continue reading

Welcome to Hell Part 1: the descent into darkness

Turkish football has a certain reputation amongst English football fans. If your team is fortunate enough to be playing in European football, there’s always a certain frisson when you hear that your team has been drawn against the three legendary … Continue reading

Something for the weekend, Sir? The Turkish Bath finale

Calm… calm… Naked man. Soaking man. Dog bowl. Peştemal. Ortan. I think that probably brings you up to date with parts one and two. Any questions? Ortan stirred me from my dog-bowl supported meditation. As discreet as a Turkish Jeeves, … Continue reading

Something for the weekend, Sir? A Turkish Bath part 2

(For obvious reasons, all photos in this blog are taken from the internet; I didn’t take my camera in with me…) You left me, dear reader, clad in a peştemal and trying to suck my stomach in whilst essaying a … Continue reading

Something for the weekend, Sir? A Turkish Bath part 1

Every middle aged man is required to be self-confident, bullish and able to deal with a variety of situations in a phlegmatic and self-assured manner. Few circumstances are permitted to penetrate that veneer of worldly wisdom and boundless self-assurance. With … Continue reading