Music Medals – beginner percussion ensemble music

As part of the pilot Music Medals syllabus for the Associated Board, I wrote a number of pieces for beginner percussionists. At the time of writing, I don’t know how many will make the final published syllabus, but they’ve been fun to write. As a guide, I’ve listed the pieces with instrumentation and whether the performers can be beginners, pre Grade 1, or at the standard of Grades 1, 2 or 3. I’m not sure what the copyright on these pieces will be, but they should all be available soon. Please contact me for details.


  • A Noisy Noise Annoys an Oyster – G2 snare, G2 snare
  • After You, Claude – beginner xylo, beginner xylo
  • At The Ginger Dog – G2 snare, G3 timp
  • Big Henry’s March – pre G1 snare, beginner xylo
  • Don’t Go Agogo Flamingo – G3 snare, G3 snare
  • Don’t Look Behind You – beginner snare, beginner timp
  • Ghengiz Khan’t – G1 snare, G1 snare
  • Never Alarm a Llama – G3 snare, G2 timps
  • Snake in the Graph – G2 snare, G1 snare
  • Stick it up your jumper – beginner snare, beginner snare
  • Swing Chicken – G1 xylo, pre G1 timps
  • Things That Go Bump – G1 snare, G1 xylo
  • Variations on a Loyal Theme – G2 snare, G2 snare
  • Waka Waka – beginner snare, beginner snare


  • Alley Cat Shuffle – G2 xylo, G2 xylo, G1 timps
  • An Elegant Infant Elephant – pre G1 snare, pre G1 snare, pre G1 timps
  • Back to Bach – G2 snare, G2 snare, G1 timp
  • Bold Sir Robin – G2 xylo, G1 xylo, G2 snare
  • Bolero – G3 snare, G3 snare, G3 snare
  • Jabbok Jibber Jabber – beginner snare, beginner snare, beginner timps
  • King Threp Marches On – G3 snare, G3 snare, G3 timps
  • Tanz, Puppe, Tanz! – G1 snare, G1 snare, G1 timps
  • Themes from Fontomfrom – G2 snare, G2 snare, G1 timps
  • What’s the Score? – pre G1 snare, pre G1 snare, beginner timps


  • La Follia – for four G3 tuned players (preferably two marimbas, two vibes)


Music Medals – beginner percussion ensemble music — 2 Comments

  1. I am looking for VERY easy percussion ensemble music, but I don’t have very many percussion instruments and I teach 4th & 5th grades.

  2. Good morning

    Would it be possible to post a catalogue of your ensemble music to our Music Service? Staff have commented that although you have resources online, they like to browse a hard copy whilst in the staff room.

    Wolverhampton Music Service
    Graiseley Hill
    WV2 4NE

    Many thanks

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